Google Voice Application will soon arrive in iPhone and iPod Touch

By Haven Frbiz

GrandCentral Phone Service as a voice of the recycled products, Google introduced at the beginning of Google Voice Services, which provides integrated voice telephone service, including all the features of GrandCentral (useful for SOHOs).

In addition, Google will also provide a voice mail features automatic text copying, as well as send and receive text messages, Google voice communications will also be recorded with the Gmail integration implementation. Users can make free calls to any number in the United States.

Like Gizmodo, according to reports, Google Voice will soon appear in the form of application at the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application will include a dial-up, and it can be set aside (from Google Voice your number), and the iPhone will make its own bilateral linking.

It can also dial-up and cell phone, and contact list to work, while sending SMS. Google Voice also includes standard features such as phone logs, voice mail and so on.

The latest model stars Netbook - X-Slim and really drive map Wind U123 has just emerged, both CULV notebook using Intel's ultra-low voltage processor, running Windows Vista Home Premium system, only 0.7 inches thick, 2.8 pounds, is the MSI Dell used to combat the Adamo's flagship product, version with high prices also reached a level of more than 1000 U.S. dollars, the minimum should have 700 U.S. dollars, this series of products will also have 11.6, 14 and 15.6-inch version, let us Figure it together!

GIGABYTE is expected at the end of the second quarter with the cottage Internet Protocol of the Company products will be delivered, and the deal will allow Gigabyte notebook sales doubled compared to 3 last year! Last year, the Gigabyte notebook sales are only 15 million units, while in 2009 this figure grew to around 50 million units.

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