Adwords Management - 7 Keys to Success: Part 1

By George Kristopher

Most people advertising in Adwords today don't realize that they are losing tons of customers and leads all due to the fact that they don't know the 7 Key things they must do to set up a successful adwords campaign. If you follow these 7 key steps to setting up your adwords campaign, not only will your ad show up a lot higher in Google, but you'll also pay less per click than people advertising below you! Applying these 7 Crucial Steps will increase the amount of clicks you're getting per day and at the same time decrease the amount of money you're having to spend now!

Optimize Your Campaign For Google Are all of your keywords stuffed into one or just a few adgroups? Google hates it when campaigns are like this and determines that your campaign has 0 Relevancy! I know this strategy works, so for all of my clients I make their campaigns Super Relevant by taking each individual keyword and putting it in ad adgroup all on it's own! I know, it's days worth of work, but it reduces their click cost by an incredible amount! If you don't follow crucial step #1 you're going to be slapped! This means that Google will charge you insane amounts of money for your clicks and give your ads horrible placement.

Optimize your ads for Google The structure of your ads play a huge role in determining how much you pay per click. Just like in step #1 Google is obsessed with "Relevancy". Google's idea of a perfect ad actually has the keyword that was searched on show up twice in the ad; Once in the ad title, and once in the ad text. If Google see's that your ad displaying for the keyword, "injury attorney" actually has the keyword "injury attorney" appearing in your ad title and inyour ad text then Google is going to reward your ad for being perfectly relevant to the keyword that was searched on.

Google is going to reward you in two ways, 1) by charging you less per click and 2) by giving your ad a higher ad placement! But that's not all! Who searches on the keyword "injury attorney" will be more inclined to click on your ad because the actual keyword they searched on shows up twice in your ad! That means that by optimizing your ads you get more clicks, you spend less, AND you get higher ad placement! It's a win win situation!

You might ask, "Well how will I ever have time to write a super targeted ad like that for every keyword I have? That seems impossible!" Well, if you don't have time you should make time. My company write a super targeted ad for EVERY keyword that you have! It's a huge load of work, but we've found it's definitely worth it for our clients. Stay tuned for part 2 of this article series, on "Optimizing your site for Google and Keyword Swiping".

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