Depression Cooking Teaches

Check out Google Trends this morning, and you will see that Great Depression Cooking tops the charts. The television news anchors are starting to own up to the fact that we are in a depression, and not just your ordinary run of the mill recession.

Imports are down 24% and the economy in the US alone shrank over 6% in just one month. If you think there is any good news in this, it probably is only the fact we need to learn to individually become self reliant again. We can't sustain an economy where the only growth is in government.

If you have already lost your job, and are scratching your head as to what you will do when the unemployment insurance runs out, you may have figured out that it probably won't be a job like you had before. We are headed back to a more mercantile style society, where we each make and trade goods and services. Do you believe you can now start your own small office-home office based on new skills found learned and linked on the Internet?

If you are on your own SOHO quest, you may want to consider investing in and learning about working online. In many ways it is a quite separate and parallel economy. Almost unrelated to what is happening in the real world sector.

An alternative avocation is taking up the art of Depression Style Cooking.